Making Karaoke Using Kbuilder

Author: Noy Saycocie

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Created: 09/01/2002

Finished: 09/03/2002

Updated: 09/25/2002

Programs that I used:

Adobe Premiere v6.5

  Kbuilder v3.5.19     Demo allows only one minute in Adobe Premiere

  Nero v5.9

Lao font: 

My modified Lao Fonts           Size 136kb

Kbuilder  uses these keys and in the program, so we can not use these keys.

To correct this problem, I've modified the Lao font. I moved these three characters

And place them  as shown below.

To use these characters:

Hold SHIFT and click 1 for

Hold SHIFT and  click 2 for

Hold SHIFT and click 3 for


Click  to view Karaoke Sample          Size: 2.82 Mb


A.    Export Music from Adobe Premiere

B.   Prepare Lyrics in NotePad

C.  Prepare Karaoke Effect in Kbuilder

D.    Import Finished Kbuilder to Premiere

E.    Export the finished project to VCD

F.    Burn VCD